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Puppy Grooms

Ok, this is something I’m extremely passionate about. Puppies need early introduction to the sounds, smells and sights that are in the grooming environment. Puppies need time to process what they are experiencing. By having a positive experience when being groomed, this will build the puppy's confidence, as being groomed does not come naturally to your puppy. By slowing the learning process down, it will help set your puppy up for the future, making your puppy confident and able to enjoy their grooming experience.

With this in mind, I have set up a 5-step puppy package aimed at setting them up for success. As soon as they have completed their course of jabs and the vet has given the ok (about 2 weeks after their last injection), puppy introduction sessions can start.

Please read below what is included in this comprehensive package. You are also given a puppy welcome pack at the end of step 2 to take away, which will include a copy of Introducing Your Puppy To Grrr-less Grooming by Sue Williamson, treats, a toy, a brush suitable for your dog's coat type plus grooming vouchers that can be used once your puppy has graduated from puppy grooming.


Note – If at any stage I feel your puppy is not ready for the next step, they will repeat a step until I’m confident they are ready to proceed. This IS included in the puppy package. Your pupp's welfare is my priority.  

Price from £100

The Package

Step 1 Meet and Greet.

This is a free session so you can make up your mind if I’m the groomer for you. This is a ½ hour session where you and your puppy get to meet me and see the grooming pod. They can freely have a sniff around, get to know me, and have a few treats. During this time, questions are welcomed, and I will talk to you about how best to brush and care for your puppy’s coat. Forms will be given to be completed in your own time if you would like to commence with the below.  

Step 2 Play and Introduction to Equipment 

Ideally, a week later they will be left in my care for 45 minutes. We will play games, have free work and have treats. The sound of driers and clippers are also introduced, first through a speaker to gauge their reaction, before hearing the real thing. By showing interest the puppy is praised and rewarded with treats. They will be introduced to the bath (no wash given at this stage) and grooming table, and they will have a lick mat to enjoy whilst experiencing the equipment. Desensitising homework maybe given.

Step 3 Bath, Dry and Brush

Four weeks later, they will be back with me for their first partial bath. This is a non-shampoo bath, so they get used to the sensation of the water. They will experience the dryer and a light brush.  


Step 4 Bath and Tidy Up

The next groom will be a full bath with shampoo, a dry and brush. Depending on their reactions, a hygiene clip may be given along with having their eyes tidied and nails cut.

Step 5 Full Groom

By 6 months your puppy should be ready for a more intense groom, to include clipping and styling where required. Time scale can vary puppy to puppy, so the program will be tailored to your individual puppy.

Congratulations, your puppy has now graduated!

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